The End of Beverly Hills

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Before Christmas I was walking my dog about 7 a.m. by the tennis courts at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. I noticed this nice BMW stripped of its rims and tires. Never saw that before. …

Darkness Falls. Photo by Brad Chisholm

Afghanistan falls. Again. Whatever modest women’s rights were slowly acquired or at least envisioned in the past twenty years will now disappear into the wind. Education, rape, forced marriage — any progress with respect to these issues is going to disappear.

Why are American feminists so silent? You had no…

out-take from cover of K-Town Confidential

This is the number one thing you need to stop worrying about if you want to write a novel. The opening scene you are angsting over doesn’t mean squat. Now when you have finished your first draft, it starts to become important. …

Quora has some truly smart people on it. Depths of knowledge on ancient Rome, science, weird math, WW2, lots of esoteric stuff you to enjoy while queuing up to pay for your groceries or while getting your car washed.

I mostly answered posts on novel writing. I am beginning to…

Photo by Brad Chisholm

At midnight last night our leaders shut down California. I don’t blame Eric Garcetti or Gavin Newsom for wanting to be heroes. I can live with erring on the side of caution. (I wouldn’t vote either of them for dog-catcher, but I’m trying to leave that aside.) …

The other thing you need to know.

Aside from coffee and a story burning in your gut like wasabi, there are many things you need to know to write a good novel. I’m not going to post about any of them today. Today is about some arithmetic.

Today’s number is…

Brad Chisholm

K-Town Confidential (legal thriller, 2018) won Maxy + Pencraft awards and Kat & Maus (drama, 2018) won a Pencraft Award. Dash & Laila was published by Black R

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