Okay. I understand this is a creative writing exercise, but just for a moment let’s pretend you have an actual problem.

First of all you don’t want to meet men who like red-heads, okay. So why do you post it on line and then get pissed when men react to it? You could use a b&w shot on Tinder? (I don’t know how that works.)

Secondly, you go to a museum show about red-heads and it makes you unhappy?

You have issues with your identity. Fine, may of us do. But those issues are not the fault of the men who want to date you, paint you, or whatever.

Are there men with ‘fetishes’? Certainly, but they are easily weeded out. My wife is Asian. But she is the only Asian I ever dated. I don’t have six previous Asian girlfriends. If you meet a guy, ask him if his last six girlfriends had red hair. It’s easy.

Do you not see your problem? You pre-reject men who might like you, and then are pissed when no one asks you out.

You are the one who is being incredibly superficial here. Leave us men out of it.

K-Town Confidential (legal thriller, 2018) won Maxy + Pencraft awards and Kat & Maus (drama, 2018) won a Pencraft Award. Dash & Laila was published by Black R

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