President Trump should have left quietly and waited for 2024, no question. That said, I just love how you totally ignore the civil unrest and destructionof the past summer by BLM, Antifa et al, much of it cheerfully funded by George Soros and other left wing groups and justified up down and sideways by the most of the media. The hypocrisy of the Democrats will not go un-noticed by the American people.

I also love how you cherry pick references to the Nazis and the Spanish Civil War while ignoring the relevant one: the burning of the Reichstag by the Nazis so they could blame it on the communists. It is already coming out through face recognition software that members of Antifa, BLM etc. worked themselves into the body of the Capital protestors.

In the long history of conservatism, the Tea Party etc. how many times have they instigated destructive riots? Once? Twice? Certainly a man who lost most of his fingers in a chain saw accident could count.

Your article reminds me of what my dog does every morning on the front lawn.

K-Town Confidential (legal thriller, 2018) won Maxy + Pencraft awards and Kat & Maus (drama, 2018) won a Pencraft Award. Dash & Laila was published by Black R

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